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the traumatized puppy

My friends, Jen and Todd, brought a young dog into their lives.  They had rescued the dog from a relative of Jenn’s where the 5-year old boy had been terrorizing the dog for 6 months.  I was told that this child had been hitting, poking and stabbing the dog and had tried, on several occasions, to flush the dog down the toilet.


I was asked to come over to help with the dog, in some fashion.  It had been two days since they acquired the puppy, named Lilly.  When I got there, Lilly barked at me and was cautious around me, beside keeping her distance from Todd.  I sat on the floor, with Todd and Jenn, in their living room.  I observed that the puppy showed signs of trauma as she would chew / suck on her thumb-equivalent of her front paws, out of nervousness.

As we sat on the floor, Lilly would test me, by slowly moving one of her toys towards me, to see if I would pick it up and take it away from her.  I did not respond, but continued to talk to the young couple.  Soon, Lilly felt non-threatened and comfortable enough to sit on Jenn’s lap, next to me.  I then gently caressed her back, and at the right time, I put my hand on her head.

We proceeded to psychically and spiritually induce a trauma release and erase, by wiping the memories and patterns from her mind of her first months of existence.  Lilly sat calmly as I gently cupped her skull in my palm.  Ten seconds later, I said - done.

Talking with Jenn and Todd later, they told me that the next day, they took Lilly with them to a friend’s house - one she had never been to before.  They reported to me that Lilly acted like a warm, friendly and happy puppy, sniffing out and checking out the people there, with her tail wagging, and behaving like a non-traumatized animal.

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