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Consultations are often by phone, but can be handled in a variety of other methods.  There are times when I travel to a location, depending on a variety of circumstances.  Please contact for more information.

In preparation for the Session, I ask that the client prepare an "Intention List" of what they would like to accomplish.  This list shall be a bulleted brief list of the focus and issues that one wishes to be targeted.  These bulleted items will be a few word statement, not sentences or paragraphs.

Examples:  * My left knee hurts, * Shortness of breath, * Relationship issue with parent/child, * Self-doubt...

The intentions/issues can be in the realms of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological and/or Spiritual, but nothing for future, nothing for finance.

Clients will hold on to this list, and just have it available for the session.  The Client will be able to make/take notes, and use that list as a frame of future reference.

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