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Michael Lynn is a Medical Intuitive who has helped thousands of people heal from physical, mental and emotional conditions threatening their lives and good health.

Most people who seek out Michael fall into one of several categories:

  1. People who have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition that traditional medicine cannot treat.

  2. People with medical mysteries and are frustrated, scared and sometimes hopeless because their doctors have not been able to help them.

  3. People who want to feel better in general.

Which category do you fall into?

Michael understands the mental and emotional toll that imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit take on both the client and family.

With his caring personality, Michael has helped many serious and debilitating conditions.

As a Medical Intuitive, Michael is an alternative health practitioner who uses his intuitive abilities to find the cause of disease.

In a society that places so much trust in conventional medicine, he understands how difficult it is for many to understand and accept his abilities.  Fortunately, many are now aware of allopathic medicine's limitations and are accepting alternatives once deemed unacceptable.

During your session, Michael may see information that visually appears to him like an x-ray or ultrasound.  He also receives spoken information which guides him to process what he is seeing.

Michael receives this information through what he calls Divine Connection. His connection to energetic anatomy and past experience in working with medical doctors have helped him to bridge the gap between conventional and esoteric views of illness.

Michael's clients have reported feeling a warming and tingling sensation when he works with them.  He is now documenting the healing he facilitates through Divine Connection with diagnostic before and after testing.

If you would like to schedule a private session with Michael, please call or text to:  931-548-4337

Disclaimer:  Michael Lynn is not a medical professional. The services he provides are not intended to replace those of a qualified medical professional.  There is no explicit or implied guarantee of results.

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