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First Exposure to Spiritual Experiences

My exposure to spirituality that I can remember really started when I owned a small business in Southfield, Michigan in 1970. It was a small graphics reproduction company. I had hired a young employee, Ron, to work with the technical reproduction equipment that I had there. During the course of various conversations that I had with him, it turned out that he was involved with a psychic study-group.

My background, as I tell people, had been the sciences and psychology. My hero growing up was Spock, the Science Technology Officer on the USS Enterprise – Star Trek. His philosophy was that everything is logic, everything is science. That’s basically how I felt!

Now, this psychic study group intrigued me and made me curious. I asked him to get permission for me to come as his guest. The day after his next meeting, he affirmed that I could join him at the next group get-together. I was coming from the perspective of “This could be interesting, but my challenge would be to find the trickery and falsehoods” by being an impartial, analytical and skeptical observer.

The instructor was an older spiritual medium named Lavon. Strangely enough, she was happy to see me when we arrived at her house in Madison Heights, MI. She stated, "I'm so happy to finally meet you!" That made no sense to me!


It was a quiet two story house, with a large living room, and dark curtains over the windows. There were about 15 bridge chairs around the perimeter of the room in a circle, facing the center. There was a moderate space in between the chairs, and it was not too difficult to walk in between them.

Lavon greeted me warmly and friendly. When everyone finally arrived, it seemed like several people had their favorite positions from amongst the chairs there. I just waited till I was told where to sit, about two seats away from the instructor. I noticed that the heavy curtains were fully closed over the window, to block out any street lights, and muffle some of the street noises. In the center of the seating (ring of seats), someone placed 4 conical shapes, two made of aluminum and two of them made of plastic. They were large at the bottom (about 2 feet across) and much narrower at the top (~9”), but open through the whole cones. A couple of the cones seemed to have some white bands, which I was soon to discover, were phosphorescent (luminous) in nature. They were called 'trumpets.'

When everyone was settled in their seats, we were instructed that the lights would soon to be turned off, and that no one should move or get up, but just stay put in the chair till the ‘messages’ are completed and the lights are turned back on. I took a good look around me, to remember the position of people and objects, unsure about what was about to happen.

The lights were switched off, and gradually, my eyes began to dark-adapt. Soon, I was able to notice the luminescent bands glowing mildly on the cones in the center of the room. We were told to concentrate our energies on the cones in the center, but I didn’t know what or how to do that! I felt, my job was just to watch and observe.

It seemed like a long time (when you are just sitting there, waiting, not knowing what is going to happen) before I noticed one of the luminescent bands of the cones begin to rise in the air. My mind immediately went into analysis mode, trying to figure out what was happening. The cone then silently began to move up and begin to spin around the room over our heads, including mine!


This was just too weird! There was no sound being made, I was extremely aware of that. I had noticed earlier that if I even moved my arm slightly, I could hear the noise of my shirt sleeve rubbing against my body. But, here, I heard NO SOUNDS. Then, after a couple of spins around the room, the cone sort of crash landed back in the center of our circle of chairs, possibly laying on its side.

Then I heard someone across the room from me make a sound, or vocalization, sort of like, “Oh, my!” Within 4 seconds of that, I felt something hit my leg, right behind my knee, and slide off to the outside of my leg. (Did I mention I was analytical?)


Although it did not seem heavy, I immediately tried to analyze the object's trajectory, according to the point on ‘impact’ on my leg, and the direction it moved off my leg to the ground. It seemed to come from a few feet in front of me. I learned afterwards, the object had just appeared out of thin air, as a gift.


It was an Indian arrowhead, and, it turned out to be a present from my Guardian Angel, an Indian named Broken Arrow! I’ve been told that I will never loose that arrowhead, and I still have it to this day! The comment from across the room was from one of the participants, who had enough vision ability to see the energetic manifestation of the object, and present it as an apparition.

During the medium's channeling, everyone received messages from their guides, through Lavon. I don't remember much, but was told that one of my major guides was Moses, and that if he were to come to me or be around, no other guides or spirits would be able to be nearby!

After the meditation experience, before I left, Lavon called me over, and asked me for a favor! She said that I was an amazing healer, and she asked me to put my hands on her. Now, that’s like asking a kindergarten kid to go to the blackboard and solve a calculus math problem!!! I had no idea what she was talking about. She said, it didn’t matter, but she would appreciate it if I would just ‘go with the flow’ and ‘pretend.’ Lavon laid down on a couch and told me what to do with my hands. My brain went blank!

Thoughts: I don’t remember any more about that experience or that night – I guess that was the beginning of zoning out – letting the Healing Michael come out, as I think about it now. In looking back - that was probably a fortelling of the Gifts that would soon manifest decades later in my life. Thank you, G-d!


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