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Save the bug – sore finger healing

It was a hot, summer day. I was driving along in my car, and noticed a small hard-shelled bug on the inside driver window. Hoping he would leave and find his home (I wasn’t going to find it for him), I opened the side window about two inches down. When he didn’t leave of his own free will, I grabbed him, and went to push him out the opening. Instead of flying out, he landed on my lap! OK, now, I just stopped at a red light, so I could take my hands off the wheel.

With my left hand on the window power switch, I grab the bug off my lap with my right hand. I push the bug out the slit at the top of the window. I’m hoping to prevent him from flying back in, and I quickly close the window. BUT, my right index finger is still in the way, and the window closes on it – right on the finger tip and nail!  I yank and it pops out from the mostly closed window, and … Oh Boy! It hurts like the dickens!

At first, I start to get angry with my self – probably a normal human reaction. “Why did I do that?” I asked. Still stopped at the red traffic light, I squeezed the right finger tip, and sure enough, it hurt!

Then, I suddenly thought to myself, “OK, if I’m supposed to be this amazing healer, with G-d given gifts, then I should be allowed to try it on myself.”  I took my left hand and wrapped it around my throbbing finger, and, without squeezing, proceeded to wipe it off and open the hand up after my finger was out of it. The intention was to wipe off the pain, and open the hand and let it go. I did this twice.

I tested that right finger, and squeezed the finger tip and nail.  The pain was down by about 90%!  I decided to do one more wipe, and I tested again. The pain was gone. Wow – too cool!  No soreness, no bruise to the nail, just all gone, except for the memory, which is saved long enough to write this down!  Neat!

REFLECTIONS:  Now I firmly believe that ANYBODY can do what I described here.  Don’t hold on to the pain, don’t hold on to the trauma.  Detach, let it go, wipe it off, release it to the earth.  Now, GO FORTH AND LIVE!

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