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Remote Healing by Instant Messenger

Lorie was an administrative assistant, who served the department in my section of the floor where I worked. One afternoon, she sent a message to me by internal instant messenger.

Her message asked me if I was busy at the moment, I replied, “not really, what’s up?” Lorie said that she had a headache, a rough one. I asked her (still by typing on my keyboard-IM) if she was in a private place. Lorie replied, “no,” that she was substituting for another secretary in front of one of the VP’s.

It seemed it wouldn’t be a good idea to saunter up to that part of the office, and put my hands on her in an open office area! I told her that we could do this remotely, through our IM-ing! (Don’t know if that’s a real word, but it works here.)

I asked her to take her hands off the keyboard, and sit there for a few moments with intention, and that I would respond from my end. I closed my eyes, and connected with her to discover the location and reason of the discomfort (headache). I then went in and made the adjustments, to relax the blood vessels and capillaries in her head, to reduce and minimize the pressure that was causing her pain.

A few moments later, I typed, “How’s that?”  In these software clients, we can tell when someone is typing a message, is active in the IM window on their computer. As she was typing a reply, I realized that I had to do a little more work, that I had missed a spot on the right side of her head.  I typed a message back to her indicating that I had to do a little more intention work, and I pressed send. As I pressed send, her message came back to me that said, “Its better, but…”  After Lorie read my message, she replied, “OK.”

I told her, “Hands off keyboard again,” and she complied. I processed the remainder of what I had to do to help her, and a few moments later, I typed, “Done!”

There was a momentary pause, then she typed back, “WOW!” and then “THANKS!” Ah, this is a very nice capability, and I closed my eyes, and said my Thank-You’s.

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