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Permission to Heal

I learned to always ask for permission to heal and I’ve added that to my introduction-speech, even if the person is already asking for help.


Lorie, was telling me about some pain that she was in. I’ve touched and assisted her in the past, so she knew what I was about, and had occasionally asked for assistance, when she needed. This one day, I was standing at the counter in front of her desk. She was describing the pain that she had in her hip joints.

“Imagine taking a Barbie doll. Imagine holding her by her legs, taking the legs and twisting it all around in different directions.”  Lorie visibly demonstrated with her hands moving around in the air – fists clenching the imaginary legs of the doll. “That’s how my hips feel, right now, and they have for the last couple of days.”

As I stood there, listening, I was waiting to see if she was going to actually ask for help, or just wanted to tell me how she felt. I was very conscientious that she was not asking for my help, but just venting. When Lorie was done talking, I said my goodbyes, and walked back to my desk. I gave it no further thoughts.

Ten minutes later, Lorie walks up to my desk and, with a serious face, stands there and asks; “Did you heal me without permission?”  I looked at her, blinked, and said “What?” She knew that I always asked before I did anything.

“You healed me without permission, didn’t you?!”  I stammered, that I didn’t know if I did, or I didn’t mean to…  I had no idea what to say to that comment. I tried very hard not to do anything, before.   Then she said; “Well, Thank you,” and walked away!  Go figure!  I had no idea what had just happened!

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