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Margaret and the Genie Story

This story/lesson goes a bit long, but it was quite meaningful and remarkable for me.


I was participating in Reader-Healer sessions with a spiritual group providing 15 minute free samples of gifts and talents, along with other readers and healer type people.  These included chair massage, reflexology, rain-drop therapies, and Reiki type activities.  The role that I was to play was of Medical Intuitive Healer.

Margaret signed up to have a short session with me.  She laid down on a couch in one of the rooms I was assigned, fully clothed.  I looked at her and remarked out loud, “You are suffering from hemorrhoids!  You also have lower stomach and digestive issues.”  Shocked, she looked at me and replied that I was correct.  It’s not normal that someone can look at a person and come out with these observations – hemorrhoids are not something that is readily apparent!

I did some energy work over her intestines and digestive tract, along with a few other spots on her body in short order.  In hindsight, I remember waving my hands over her in circles, sort of like 'Wax on, wax off' mode!  I really didn't know very well what I was being guided to do!  I have no more memories of that scene.

One week later, Margaret called me up and stated that she needed to have a session with me.  Everything I had worked on earlier is now fixed!  We had a few sessions which I have no memory or notes of, and she was very pleased.  But I digress. 


OK … ‘the story continues’ several months later.

At the end of another reader-healer evening, Margaret came up to me looking upset.  “Can I talk to you for a minute?  Maybe you can help me.”  She continued to explain that her daughter, Regina, had a history of depression and drug abuse.  Her daughter lives with her husband, Danny, and five weeks earlier, she delivered a set of twins.

Margaret had just received a panic-anxious call from her son-in-law.  The pressures of the twins, depression and a drug addiction history caused Regina to run away from home.  She took no communications with her, so there was no way to call her.  Danny was worried that she was either going to seek out more drugs, or, worst case, suicide.

Margaret was asking if I could do anything!  I had never met or known of Regina!  I checked in with my guides, and was intuitively told to proceed as follows.

I obtained Margaret’s permission to go through her, her love, chords and connections, remotely into her daughter, Regina.  I stood next to Margaret, held her hand and we both closed our eyes, in prayer.  I then proceeded to connect through Margaret, through her love, care and concern chord, into her daughter.  I intended to make adjustments and calmness, but could not verify exactly how I was doing this!


A vision of a young lady appeared to me at the end of this 'chord' connection, and I described the person out loud to Margaret.  She exclaimed, "That's her!"  We (my guides and I) began to make intention changes in Regina, and modify some of the possible underlying emotions and actions.

Five minutes later, I sort of returned back into my body.  I disconnected from the daughter and then let go of Margaret’s hand.  I told her to let me know how things go and what happens.  Curiosity, you know!  I had never done this before.  She left to head home, a ways away on the other side of Metro Detroit.

Twenty minutes later, she called me to report that Danny had just called her.  Apparently, Regina stopped at a pay phone, called home, and reported the following; she was confused, something in her changed and she’s turning around and coming home!  This is what we wanted for her, to be safe at home, and not do anything disastrous.  Danny had been worried about drugs or suicide.  Life was good. 


And now for the REST of the Rest of the Story!

The next afternoon, Saturday, while cleaning my apartment (a rare event), I watched the movie, The Secret.  The synchronization for this will become apparent.  A scene in there showed an Arabic boy picking up a metal lamp in the sand, brushing it off, and suddenly a green cloud appears out of the opening, and a Genie says; “Your Wish Is My Command!” (This is the ancient Aladdin and the Lamp story.)

That evening, I received a call from Margaret at 9:30pm informing me that Danny had just called her.  It seemed that Regina was still home, but she was not acting herself, and he didn’t know if she had taken something (drugs).  He was very worried about her. 


I briefly discussed this with Margaret, and I suggested that the next step would be a road trip out to her daughter’s house, along with Margaret.  We’ll meet there, but under one condition...

When we get to her daughter’s house, the mother will say, “This is a friend of mine, I brought him over to help you.”  Margaret would then go to the chair on the other side of the door we came in, sit down, and not say anything unless I asked her a question or said something to her…  She agreed with this condition.


My left brain (logical mind?) spun a bit.  Where did that information come from?  I didn't even have an address of where the daughter's house was, yet?

We met in front of her daughter’s house at 10:00pm.  It didn’t take long to get over there.  The husband, Danny, let us in, and as soon as Regina saw her mother and I, she got very defensive and started angrily barking out, “Who is this guy, what are you doing here?”  Turning in fury to her husband, she asked him, “Did YOU know about this?  Did YOU have anything to do with this?”

Margaret walked up to Regina and said, “Honey, this is a friend of mine, I brought him over to help.  I’d like you to listen to him!”  She then turned around, and sat down in a far corner of the living room, exactly as I had envisioned!

Looking at me in shock, I asked Regina if we could sit down and talk.  She sat almost next to me, her husband sat on the other side of her with one of these new little babies in his arms, and her mother was across the room, watching.  In a few moments, Regina allowed me to hold both her hands while we talked.

Ten minutes into the discussion, she looks at me, and exclaims, “YOU’RE MY ANGEL!”  She was much more calm, and listening.

At that moment, I looked at her, and softly and calmly verbalized, “I have the power to grant you a wish.  What is it you wish for?”

Regina blinked a few moments, thought for a moment, and then replied, “I wish to get rid of all this anger within me.” 


I verified that this was what she really wanted, and then instructed her to close her eyes.  She closed her eyes, I closed mine, and, as I held on to her hands, I began to silently process her request.  I knew that all eyes in the room were on us.  I created the intentions to modify all her cellular memory, modified her psychological patterning and thought processes, and went in to her deepest core to apply her request.  Get rid of all anger!

Five minutes later, I opened my eyes, gently squeezed her hands and let go, and said that I was done.  Regina got up, walked over to her mother, leaned into her and cried, saying, “Thank you so much, I’m so sorry what I’ve put you through!”

As I got up to leave, the husband said to me, “You’ve just saved a whole family!”  The whole visit took only about 45 minutes.

On the way home, I’m reprocessing my observations and memories of moments earlier, and my mind is blown!  Those words that came out of my mouth were words I would have never said.  Those were G-d's words, those were Genie type words!


My thoughts were, everybody thinks it would be grand to have access to a Genie, but nobody is taught how to “BE THE GENIE!”   My mind reflected back to the earlier story in The Secret of Aladdin and the Lamp.  That messed me up for almost ten days, ME the GENIE???  This seemed like a G-d power, not for meer mortals.  Aarrgghh.

I talked with Margaret several months later, and she confirmed that Regina had no more anger responses to her, although there were still other financial and relationship issues which we didn’t address.   Life is amazing!

● This does not assume that everything can be solved with a touch and visit from me, it’s just that miracles can be found any place, any time!

● I have subsequently begun to call these examples of - “one off."  This is where I work through a close relative to go remotely into someone they love. 
I believe that every parent has the right to want the highest and best for their children, and children (what ever age) has the right to want the highest and best for their parents or siblings.

● On rare occasions, I have connected "Two off."  Where a parent wants help for the children of their child - grand children.  I ask for higher permission, besides the very explicit permission of the client I’m working with.  This has been quite interesting.

Quite often the healing works, sometimes it doesn’t - that healing result is not up to me - I’m just a facilitator!  G-d has the final word!  It's HIS will!  Amen

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