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Little Girl in the Restaurant

I was lunching with a good friend, Sandy, at a restaurant in Commerce, MI. It was during the very noisy and busy lunch-time environment. We were at a table, near a row of bench booths along the wall. Off in the corner of one of the booths, a mother sat with her 4 year old daughter. They were sitting on the cushioned bench seat, apparently waiting for someone to join them.

As I was talking with my friend, the cheeks and sides of my head were suddenly, but gently, grabbed by, what seemed like, giant hand palms. My head was turned to face this mother and child in the booth, and just as quickly, the sounds in the room seemed to disappear. While my head is being held, I was now looking at this mother and child, who was not doing anything remarkable or unusual. Within about 10 seconds, the child suddenly stands up next to her mother, raises her hands up into the air above her head, looks up, and exclaims: “Thank You, GOD!” Just as suddenly, she sits back down and resumes her place next to her mother as if nothing had just happened.

My head was released from its grip and the sounds in the restaurant seemed to come back to normal.  Now, I am in total shock.  I tried to memorize, process, to analyze what I just experienced; I asked Sandy if she heard anything. She said, “NO.” I explained my immediate experience to her, as I was trying to replay this in my mind, hoping to grasp some understanding of the meaning, any meaning! What was my purpose in receiving this message? Was I supposed to say something, was I a messenger, was I a receiver, or was I supposed to just sit there like an Angel, and be a witness? There were so many questions, with so few answers.

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