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Thinking about the three sisters

Gail took me to visit her sister-in-law at a hospital in Ann Arbor, MI.  Barbara had undergone 6 hours of abdominal surgery, and was not doing very well, for a 60+ year old woman.  On the way, I received a call from Tania.  It seemed that her sister, Heather, had undergone a hysterectomy in Southfield, Michigan.  The doctors and nurses had not brought in the pain pump yet, and Heather was in great pain.

I called Heather’s hospital room, she had already come back from recovery.  While still driving out to Ann Arbor, I was guided by my medical intuitive guides to provide a temporary epidural pain block in her spine.  Remotely on the phone with Heather, I found the location on her spine to provide the block, and then psychically went in and executed it.  Heather’s pain subsided, and she was much more comfortable, till they brought the proper pain-management equipment to her and hooked her up.

Back to Barbara.  After I arrived in Ann Arbor, I did some healing intention work on her, then proceeded to sit and talk with the patient.  There was a painting in the hospital room that showed 3 young girls, about 7-9 years old, sitting on the front porch steps of an old southern colonial house.  They were clothed in southern fancy dresses.  As Barbara looked at the picture, she commented that the scene reminded her of her sisters.

Looking first at the picture, then back at her, I proceeded to comment; “You really didn’t wear dresses, growing up.  You were a shorts and blue-jeans kind of girl.”

“Yea - the shorter the shorts, the tighter the jeans,” she commented.  I then said, “You were the middle of the three sisters. You got along better with your older sister, than your younger one."  She confirmed the observation.

I quizzically looked at her, and said, "Remember the large box present you got when you were 8 years old, it was sitting next to the Christmas Tree?  Do you remember what it was?"  Pausing for a moment, with a question mark on her face, she replied, "The toy train set?”

“No, that was when you were 6, I’m talking about when you were 8.”

She thought long and hard, then she commented, “It was a doll. It was it a large doll!” Yes!  It was dressed like one of the girls in that picture, here.“

I asked, "Do you remember the name you gave her?"   "Was it Constance,” she replied?

“No - you’ll remember before 8pm this evening."   Before I left the hospital room, she looked at me and asked, "I think I called her Crystal!"  "Yup,” I replied, smiling.  I guess it was important to bring her back to some early happy memories of her youth in order to facilitate her health and mood.  It worked.

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