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Healing Gambling Addiction

One day, my son called me up and asked to have an important meeting with me, there was something he needed to tell me. When he came over, he nervously said to me, “Dad, I have a disease. It’s an addiction. It’s a gambling addiction. I’ve started going to a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting, and part of the process is acknowledging that I have had a problem. So I came here to confess and tell you about it.”

Well, I had been hearing about it from his siblings already, and he’d been in denial before. I sat there quietly, and listened to his story and confession. At the end of his speech, I looked him in the eyes, and asked him if he’d like my help with his problem.  I was very specific and definite about the statement.  Once he realized how firm I was, and that I had some miracle in mind, he finally said a definite “YES!”

With his permission for help, I then took his hand, while sitting next to him, and had him close his eyes, while I closed mine. I then went into him and began to modify the cellular memories and patterns that related to the gambling addictions, all the impulses and triggers in his body. The process took as long as 4 minutes or so.

At the end of the session, I said, “Done,” and let go of his hand.  Since then, he’s been tested (even got a job in Las Vegas for a year – which required a ‘booster shot’ from me) and has been able to resist the temptation of the gambling since, even with the pressures of co-workers who wanted to weaken his resolve to bolster their own damaged ego’s!  My son did very well with the healing. G-d bless.

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