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Permission and Being a Friendly Driver

I used to play a little game, to keep me mildly entertained when driving. Now, I am not an aggressive driver, I’m passive and respectful as far as other cars on the road. The game that I played was as follows.

When I drove in the left lane, and a driver in the right lane wanted to move over, merge, in front of me, I would often let them in. They wouldn’t turn the steering wheel enough to turn off their left blinker. Now, here they were, in front of me, not paying attention. Their left turn blinker would continue to flash. They would be sitting in the driver’s seat, directly in front of me.

The game I played was "how long it would take me to get them to turn their turn signal off!"  I’d gently go into their heads, and get them to look down at their dash board, and notice their turn signal. It would be obvious when they turned it off; I’m looking directly at the back end of their car!  It seemed to work, within 30 seconds with all but two people that I tried this on!

This continued till I told a new friend of mine, who was a medium, about the ‘neat trick of mine.’  She responded that there was no question about my gifts; it was just that I was invading their ‘space’ without permission.  That answer had a big impact for me, and I made a vow to try and not do that again, to respect other people’s space.  Off and on, I had various levels of success with that, but I always ask for permission to ‘help’ or assist, or whatever!

Update:  Well, almost always.  Recently, I was driving and the car in front of me turned slight right, and I followed.  The gentleman’s blinker stayed on for over 1-½ miles, and I fought hard not to ‘notice’!  Then I let the thought creep into my mind, something like; 'what if I just thought about him looking down at his dash and…'  Bingo - his turn signal went off!

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