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Flash healing in az

It was New Years Eve-day, December 31st. A local friend called me and asked permission to connect me to a friend of hers in Phoenix, AZ, who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and was devastated. Of course, I consented. Several hours later, this new client and I connected on the phone.

I don’t have memory of most of the content of the session, that’s usually the case.  Near the end of this remote session, I had her manually feel for the size of her tumor.  Surprised, she reported that the tumor seemed to be three quarters smaller from when we started. I remember finishing up with a little more energy work on her, before I finally said, “Ok, I’m Done!”

She commented at the amazing experience she just had, and then asked me if she could tell me something. Not knowing what it was, but curious, I said sure. 


She reported to me that she was in her bedroom in Phoenix, and next to her bed, was a touch control lamp.

She then said that from the moment I started the energy session, till the moment I said, “Done,” her lamp began flashing on and off, uncontrollably. She had tried to turn off the lamp, but it wouldn’t respond to her touch. She didn’t want to disturb me about it during the session. She said that the moment I ended with “Done,” the lamp returned to normal control. Both she and I were amazed about her observations, about which I had not known it was happening!

The client was now eagerly looking forward to new medical tests to confirm the healings that she just experienced.

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