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My First Significant Healing Experience

I had been a Big Brother to a man named Brian, since he was 9 years old. I guess I was a form of stability for him, as his home life and personal choices had not always been positive. One day, on a Friday, he told me about his girlfriend, Kathy, and a problem she was having. It seemed that she had been having some severe abdominal pain for several days that was not related to anything feminine or normal. She visited her doctor the previous Wednesday, who X-rayed her and discovered a mass (shadow) that he didn’t like.  

Kathy’s doctor referred her to an Internist / Surgeon who generated his own set of X-ray films that morning, Friday. This Surgeon quickly recommended her as a candidate for surgery, the soonest would be just after the weekend, Monday morning. There had now been two separate X-rays taken within two days. It was now Friday evening, as Brian is telling me this.

From somewhere within, a ‘strong thought’ enters my mind that has me say to Brian, “Invite me over for dinner, I’d like to meet her.” Brian consents and we agree on the following night, Saturday evening.

During the dinner the following night, Kathy lets me feel her abdomen, and I can physically feel the firmness of a mass near her stomach, where her pain and discomfort was. I asked Kathy a favor, after dinner, I’d like to give her a “GOOD LUCK HUG!” She consents. After the dinner, just before leaving Brian’s house, I give her a long hug, about 12 seconds. During that hug, I thought strongly in my mind, “Please make this problem go away, I hope everything turns out OK.”


I let go, said my good byes, and left.

I didn’t hear from Brian on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday, I decided to call him and ask about Kathy. The moment he hears my voice on the phone, he launches into a tirade of insults; “Those f*&*ing Doctors! They’re ALL a bunch of f*&*ing assholes!” He was very angry!


I asked him what was wrong, what happened? Brian said, “Monday morning, Kathy went into surgery, they opened her up and found absolutely nothing wrong! They then just closed her up and did nothing!”

At his words, I sat back, my heart leaped into my throat, and I quietly thought to myself, “Did I have ANYTHING to do with that?” I suddenly heard a loud, deep voice from across the room that said in a rising voice;

I freaked! I didn’t say anything to Brian, but politely finished the conversation and hung up!


Between the Wednesday and Friday X-rays and the Monday morning surgery, I was the only intervening influence in Kathy’s life. Could it be that something happened during that quiet hug, that quiet wish, that quiet prayer of mine. I immediately went into denial mode; my fiercely proud logical mind could not fathom the possibility that I HEALED Kathy with a hug! I couldn’t have. Who am I to be able to have done that? Who heard me ask for healing? And finally, WHO ANSWERED ME when I mentally asked if I had anything to do with this event?


NO ANSWERS, just the hard cold details of that experience.

This was the first time I experienced something like this, or even heard a response, out loud, not in my mind!

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