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How to Energetically Protect Yourself

I discovered that it's crucial to know how to energetically protect yourself and was guided to provide this information. One does not always see or know when you might come across a 'dark’ or energy-draining entity.  I’ve already put out the intention that only those who are of love and light, or those who are even neutral in attitude or experience, be allowed to be around me and comfortable with me,  G-d willing.

Those who might be dark or negative shall find it difficult to be or stay around me - this is an intention that I’ve asked for from G-d, Creator, etc… It’s worked quite well for me, so far.  But I do come across those who have been affected by other’s anger, negative barbs, hate, etc… and the question comes up; How to teach others to protect themselves, energetically, spiritually and physically.

Pre Requirements:  One should already have an understanding how to connect to the universal source, cosmic consciousness, creator source, G-d, what ever you would use as your highest spiritual and/or religious frame of reference.  One should already have an understanding on how to quickly ground oneself, with the feet (shoes optional) psychically pressed against the ground. [You could be doing this exercise on the 7th floor of an office building.]

The Exercise of Protection:  Imagine yourself in a large test tube, or cylinder.  It’s made of glass or Plexiglas - but ideally totally transparent.  You can easily see out, and others can easily see in!  This cylinder is open at the top, and open at the bottom - to better allow you to connect to source (above) and still have your feel firmly planted in the earth…!

So, this clean cylinder of protection is all around you, just open top and bottom.  NEXT, imagine the ability to take your hand and extend it through the shield, and towards / into someone else’s energy space.  “Things” can stick to your hands and arms, but - we have a solution!

Imagine that as you’re reaching towards some one else’s space, you’re reaching through a small hole in the tube.  BUT  When done with the contact, as are people in the medical or healing touch or massage professions, you will perform the following intention work.

As you draw you arm(s) back into your cylinder of protection, imagine (intend) that your hand is being drawn through a special wiping mechanism, that will keep the undesired and/ or negative electrons, molecules and energy entities, on the outside of your protective cylinder.  It’s a lot like doctors putting their hands through special gloves of an incubator in order to touch or handle the needs of a special infant, who is not allowed to come into contact with disease.

You are leaving all the unwanted energies on the outside of the cylinder, like rain water stays on the outside of your car windshield!  It’s that easy - just remember to zip up (gather) this protection around you, before you find yourself in a dangerous or unknown environment.

This discussion takes into account the fact that we must, on many occasions, reach out into other’s energy fields, and we don’t wish to become sick by taking on any of 'their’ problems, worries and headaches!

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