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Couples Counseling - Dual Channeling

I had a session with a young single couple, named Todd and Jen. This was a second session with them separately, and we had decided to try a session with the both of them together – after their individual meetings with me.

Their private, individual sessions with me went well; they were happy and content with the communications, realizations, rationalizations, modifications and crystallization of thought, emotion, attitude and moods.  At one point, Todd mentioned that he expected me to fix him. I must have done that before, for him. Guess that’s part of what I do!  I don’t remember very much detail from the session – that’s normal for me.

We then changed to a larger room, next to mine. They sat on the massage table, with their legs crossed, face to face. I guided them hold each other’s hands and look into each other’s faces.  I sat on a stool next to them.  Perfect.


What happened next was amazing!

Normally, the concept of channeling means communication with someone or several that is not exactly ‘there,’ present, or in this lifetime. According to the Internet Wikipedia; “Channeling is a term used in reference to the process of receiving messages or inspiration from invisible beings or spirits.”  

Well, with the support from my guidance, I started to channel this couple’s individual thoughts and feelings out loud, all from my voice, and communicated unspoken fears, cares, concerns and feelings, to the other one, back and forth. It also included properly processing the information in the mind of the recipient, as we went back and forth. If there was a misunderstanding of what was being heard, I corrected the intention from the source person.

As I spoke to, and for, both of them, the two kids just sat there, speechless, looking into each other’s eyes, nodding to the affirmations and the statements of thoughts and feelings that were being spoken outside of them (from my mouth), and acknowledging the other’s thoughts and feelings. This ‘conversation’ seemed to go on for about 20 minutes, or more, without more than five words being spoken directly from their lips. I wanted to validate with them, that what was coming out of my mouth was the truth, accurate, and “SAFE”!!!  They confirmed and agreed, wholeheartedly and happily! The discussions covered topics of relationship expectations, fears of giving too much information to the other, smothering and pushing away (scaring off) the partner, holding back, expressing and demonstrating feelings of love, joy, desires, fears and anxieties.

In discussing the whole experience with them, they confided that at first, they were nervous about revealing personal information in the group environment, as compared with the previous sessions where it was private and in confidence, only with me directly.  Their view of the event was that it was all perfect, positive, honest and accurate, and their fears never materialized.

I believe that they felt that, no matter what happens in their life, whether it was together or not, a major amazing experience had just taken place!   For All of Us!!

It took quite a while for me to process and accept what had happened.  I had no idea this was even possible!  No lessons, no training, Channeling two people’s hearts, minds and dreams was amazing and humbling for me.  It was one of those moments like ”Oh My G-d!”  There was no way that this event could be dreamed up or faked.  They both gave permission to tell about the general events that had taken place… that day, that place, that time, that moment.  

After the sessions, the three of us went out to lunch at a local restaurant. I often went there, and had counseled one of the waitresses months earlier.  She waited on our table. She was curious who this couple was sitting opposite me in the booth.  They said that they were clients of mine  This waitress said that she looks forward to seeing me come in there, and that “he brings all his clients in here!"  She added, putting her hand on my shoulder, that "he’s amazing,” to which they added, “He sure is!"  It was cute, humbling … enough said on that.  It was a wonderful morning, a wonderful day.

RECAP:  Over one year later, Jenn told me that this moment was the most communication they had ever had, and it was the cause of them to still be together today.  She wants another session again, like this one, together.  And I am humbly thinking, “Oh MY Goodness!”   

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