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Be Patient and Learn to Listen

There was a period in my life when there was (one of many) a technological downturn.  I was working as an associate at my neighborhood Home Depot. There was a fresh snow all over on the ground when my work shift was over at 3:00 pm. I was making fresh footprints out to my car, which was at a distant spot in the associates section of the parking lot. I had my keys in my hand and was ready to manually unlock my car door.

On my key chain, I keep a small red laser pointer, which I use when I’m teaching computer security courses – part time.  I came around my car, the door key in my hand.  There were no other footprints in the fresh snow, and I was alone in that section of the parking lot.  When I was about two feet from the driver door, a voice came to me from behind and above my right ear that said; “You’re about to lose the tip to the laser pointer!”

I immediately understood where the voice came from.  I froze all my movements, and turned my head to get a better view of the keys and pointer dangling from my hand.  The moment my eyes connected with the dangling laser pointer, the tip left the pointer, and I watched its path as it fell down into the snow.  I reached down into the hole in the snow next to my car, found the tip, pulled it out, blew the snow off of it and held it tightly in my hand.

I unlocked and opened the door, sat down, closed the door, laser pointer tip in the left hand, and keys in the right hand.  I said out loud, “THANK YOU,” as acknowledgment of the incident, and then I asked “WHY.” “Why the Demo?” (Demonstration) I didn’t get an answer right away.  I sat in the car and processed the very physical event that just happened in that parking lot, and committed it to memory.

It was three days later that I received the answer to my question of “Why the demo?”! The answer was; “It is a demonstration to others to learn to learn, watch and listen.  It can happen at any place or any time.  It does not have to be while meditating or concentrating.”  The fact that I received the answer three days after I asked meant “things happen in G-d’s time frame, not ours.”   The lesson was to learn to listen, watch and be patient for answers to things we want and ask for.  Nice lesson to share.

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