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Healing an Alzheimer Patient's Nurse

My father had Alzheimer / Dementia for over 30 years. That’s a long time to have it, since the average disease life span is less than 13 years. I began to realize that I was affecting my father’s health, physically, in prolonging it. One of the interesting events that happened to me, at his nursing home, happened when the nurses, who cared for the Alzheimer patients, came up to me and asked me an interesting question.

I have a brother who is nine years older than I. They commented that when my brother comes to visit my dad, or any one else is around, things are normal. But, when I come to visit my father, things change when I leave. He is suddenly like an energizer bunny. He is one of the few people there who were ambulatory, he used a walker. Mostly every one else was either in a wheel chair, or was bed-bound.  They noticed that after my visit to my dad, he was much more talkative to them, would joke with them, and even would occasionally come up to them and tweak their nipples – because those things were pointing at him! But, what are you going to do with a 100 year old man, with senile dementia?  He doesn’t even know or remember what he’s doing!

I decided to tell them, that I’ve been working with some healing energies, and have been passing it around my family. This one nurse, Christine, suddenly said, “Well, I could use some of that!”  I was shocked.  I still had not been used to the thought of being tested or put on the spot, mainly because I’m still trying to figure out how this all works, myself!

After visiting my father, Christine took me into an unused room, told me only that she had some problems with her abdomen, and laid down on one of the unused patient beds. I said, “OK, here we go.” She closed her eyes, and waited.  I began to move my hands over her body (8-12” off) to do ‘energy work,’ like I had seen on TV. Soon, her stomach started to make noises, like being hungry. She stated, “I can feel that!”

I stated that when we do energy work, sometimes the stomach can begin to get active. Christine doesn’t say anything.  I then was guided to put my hand gently on her belly. With her eyes still closed, she said, “I can feel that!”  That sounded odd to me, so I stated that I hope I had her permission to touch her, I had not asked her in advance. She said nothing.  I then was guided to put my hand over around on the side of her abdomen, and, still with her eyes closed, she said, “I can feel that, too!”

I began to repeat the phrase that I hoped I had her permission, but she stopped me, opened up her eyes, looked at me and said:

“You don’t understand. About a year and a half ago, I had a stroke in my spine, and I lost all sensation in the center part of my body. Suddenly I can feel my stomach, I can feel your hands on me, and up until now, I had not been able to feel any sensations there!”  Suddenly, what happened was spinal nerve regeneration!

Teary-eyed, she looked at me, smiled, and said, “Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you don’t have some amazing G-d given gifts of healing. You just healed my back!” Amen!

That experience actually led me to an awareness that my healing gifts and intentions were actually keeping my father physically healthy beyond what his mind and spirit really wanted!  This became a lesson in discernment - being mature and intelligent with the gifts, and not use it out of ego or personal gain.  Helping my father stay healthy at 100 years old might not be the right thing to do?

Being able to do something does not always translate to being appropriate to do something.  Enough said here…

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